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3NewsOnline is a news website and a property of Media General Digital Media Limited. The platform provides its readership with information ranging from news, current affairs and entertainment and many others, 3NewsOnline  also features live streams and searchable archival materials. According to internal sources, it was set up in 2015 under Media General Ghana Limited but went public/ online on June 6, 2016.

The website is owned by Media General Ghana Limited, owners of TV3 Network Limited, as part of their efforts to meet the digital demands of news. It was carved out of but expanded to host websites of 3FM,Onua FM, Akoma FM and Connect FM as well as APL, the production company of Media General. MG Digital Ghana Limited runs all social media operations of outlets under the umbrella of Media General that are yet to have social media pages. However, there was no company profile available at the Registrar General's Department for Media General Digital Media Limited. 



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Media General Ghana Limited


Ownership Structure

3NewsOnline is a news website run by Media General Digital Ghana Limited, but there was no company profile available at the Registrar General's Department. Only information about Media General Ghana Limited was availabe, which is wholly owned by Dr. Anthony Cudjoe.

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Dr Anthony Cudjoe

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Dr Anthony Cudjoe is the sole owner of Media General Ghana Limited, according to official documents. He is also the resident pastor of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC). He appears publicly as conference and motivational speaker.


Jimi Matthews

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Theresa Cudjoe - Director of Media General Ghana Limited


MG Digital Ltd.;P.O. Box 1464, Accra

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