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Radio is the most popular news source in Ghana – it ranks before TV, social contacts, online, and print - , and gets the biggest audience reach of almost two third of the population. TV follows with a daily reach to 56.6% of Ghanaians and second most used information source, while its credibility is even perceived a bit higher than the radio’s. Printed newspapers and magazines lose in readership with most Ghanaians turning towards the online versions. So it is not surprising that newspapers are read just by a fifth of the population, presenting the least favorite news source, while just above 80 percent of the population goes online on a daily base.

High Audience concentration in print and TV

Audience concentration exists in three sectors: the printed press, radio, and TV. Almost maximum concentration was found for print, where the top four companies reach 95.9% of the readership. Three out of four readers choose a state-run newspaper to get informed or be entertained. Private companies on the other hand dominate the broadcasting segment. A high concentration exists in the TV segment, where the top four owners represent an audience share of 77.4%. For both TV and radio, the Multimedia Group and the Despite Group of Companies have a considerable market position by operating several nationwide outlets. The radio market is more diverse and ‘market leaders’ differ from region to region and shows a medium level of audience concentration around the four market leaders that together provide 44.8% of the listenership with news.

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